Ivan Bubnov
Ivan Bubnov
Ivan Bubnov is an expert in the sphere of management. The focus is on the organization of breakthrough and organizational changes support, strategic management, the value base of the business development.
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Ivan Bubnov has a diversified experience of consulting solutions: «breakthrough» organization and support of organizational changes, re-engineering of management systems and corporate structures, strategic management, development and implementation of values-based business (corporate culture, business values, creation of new contexts and elaboration of strategic Vision), crisis recovery and efficient commercial communications.

In the past he was a practicing businessman, the owner of advertising-publishing business and industrial design studio.

Ivan is the author of the book «Solo Business» and more than 50 articles on personal development and management technologies.

Ivan’s working principle is to increase efficiency of human systems.

He says about his work: «I do not value my experience (in our reality any experience can go out of date very quickly). I do not value technologies of knowledge I have (after all, I myself absorbed them from other sources). But most of all I value the trust and recommendations of my clients. I really enjoy their trust and feedback and I feel confident in my worthy future».

In his work Ivan uses systemic approach, orientation towards increasing clients’ «value», balance of theory and practice, innovation technologies. Ivan’s work is the SYSTEM of your business, the STRATEGY of your development, the STRUCTURE of your activities. Ivan’s working principle is to increase efficiency of human systems.

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