Aleksandr Galchin
Aleksandr Galchin
Аn expert and coach in the sphere of presentations, public speaking and interaction with mass media. He is a personal advisor of business leaders in Russia and Ukraine.
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Aleksandr Galchin has been working in business education fore more than 15 years. He was the head of a regional business unit of Toastmasters International – the largest international association operating in the sphere of oratorical art.

The main working principle of Aleksandr Galchin is efficiency. He sees efficiency not as something right or relevant, but as something that works toward results. Aleksandr, as well as the majority of demanding participants, is not interested in smart concepts and right theories themselves, his training is tailored in such a manner that each participant can find something applicable and viable – in a certain context, for a certain audience, in case of promoting a certain idea, project or product.

Aleksandr’s training style can be characterized as efficient, adaptable, simple, understandable, and working for participants’ development. Aleksandr works with faith in participants’ capabilities and gives a deep feedback in the course of his training.

Aleksandr Galchin’s training is for those people who want to efficiently solve their current business tasks and make a step forward on the way of increasing personal efficiency through presentations and public speaking. The main emphasis of Aleksandr’s trainings is laid on how to effectively wrap and sell your product (project, idea) in the public format of your target audience. Aleksandr thinks that a presentation or public speaking is neither a goal in itself nor a process, but a method of achieving a desired business result: «In business all presentations are anyhow persuasive. The main thing here is to achieve the goal which is the main reason of giving a presentation».

Among Aleksandr’s clients are such people as the businessmen from Forbes list, top management of many companies, deputies of the State Duma of theRussian Federation and the Verkhovna Rada ofUkraine, public officials of ministerial rank and heads of federal agencies.


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