Tatiana Gromova
Tatiana Gromova
Tatiana Gromova has a 15-year experience of conducting long-term training programs, building schemes of education for top management of large companies, key performance indicator implementation, material motivation system, quality management.
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Tatiana Gromova develops systems of staff learning and development, assessment of educational needs, attestation schemes and assessment centers. Besides she has a long experience in consulting top managers on issues concerning staff management, implementation of the key performance indicator system, system of incentives and rewards, and quality control.

Tatiana’s work experience as the CEO allows her to develop training programs only on the basis of tools tried through practice. Her education in psychology and law, as well as her education in management with further internship inGermanyis the guarantee of a high level of offered information blocks and messages from the point of view of their content and structure. 

Theoretical information is given in the form of algorithms and step-be-step plans of actions, which make it possible for training participants to promptly embark on practical use of skills and abilities.

Participants of Tatiana’s trainings underline her high professionalism combined with the individual approach to each participant of her trainings, intensity and dynamism of programs, emotionality and positive reinforcement. 

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