Vladimir Kozlov
Vladimir Kozlov
Vladimir Kozlov is an expert in the sphere of complex business communication (negotiations). He is Ph.D. in Psychology, a lecturer of a course on this subject in MBA program, the High School of Management of the State University, the High School of Economics, the Russian-German School of Management; besides he is Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences, Professor of the Academy of Security Issues, Professor of the Academy of Acmeological Sciences (psychology of professionalism).
Original author’s trainings:

His professional specialization is the techniques of negotiations as a professional competency, individual training and development of negotiation scenarios, monitoring of multi-round negotiations, supervising of negotiation rounds, corporate negotiation competencies, resistance to destructive impact (psychological pressing, manipulations), and mediation in difficult situations.

In the course of his trainings Vladimir creates a special rapport making it possible to simultaneously get new information and practice skills, as well as to find your new hidden resources which will work according to an individual matrix of a negotiator.

He is the author of more than 30 popular scientific works in profile periodicals, 6 books, 10 audio-books, 7 multimedia course books concerning the issues on managing difficult business communications.

Vladimir Kozlov is the author of the following books: 

Tough negotiations. Ability to lose

Conflict. To take part in it or to arouse it

Convictions. «Mine areas» of negotiations

Conflict: with humor about serious things
How to build staff relationships for a short period of time

Conflict management
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