Pavel Romashin
Pavel Romashin
Pavel Romashin is a motivational speaker. He has been specializing on transformational trainings for increasing personal efficiency, leadership and team-building since 1999. He is an employee training and develpoment director in "Evroset" corporation.

Pavel Romashin implemented more than 450 complex transformational training programs on leadership. His author’s program «Leadership: 7 Session of Success» is aimed at reaching important and significant goals.  As of today the number of participants of his trainings is more than 17.500.

He has 3 educations at university level: economic cybernetics (Latvian University, the Faculty of Management and Economics), philosophy (Latvian University, the Faculty of History and Philosophy).

He got extra education within the framework of «Leadership Academy» (Riga, Latvia), took part in educational seminars and trainings on practical pedagogic, philosophy, psychology in Riga and in Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg). He is a graduate of the program of Transformational trainings of personality development (basic course, advanced course, leadership program).

«Transformational approach means striving to change not events themselves, but an approach to the perception of current events and possible events in the future. In this case qualitative changes of reality become a pledge of appearance of new-quality events. It means we give up struggling with the reality and create a new reality instead».

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