Konstantin Tatarskiy
Konstantin Tatarskiy
Konstantin Tatarskiy has been consulting in the sphere of negotiations, sales management and building of sales systems in large companies for 13 years. He is the Director for development and implementation of corporate training programs in Client companies.
Original author’s trainings:

Educational background:

Moscow State University, the Faculty of Psychology.

School of Staff Management at the Academy of National Economy of the Russian Federation.

RHR International ECOPSY, IME (Finland)


Konstantin is the owner of his own company. According to his words, «if you want to succeed, you have to be brave first of all. You have to be brave to assess your capabilities. And then you have to learn how to rely on your strengths».

Konstantin takes each task as a professional challenge for him and he always finds an efficient and true solution.

Konstantin’s coaching style is very easy, but at the same time it’s adaptable and applicable to the utmost. It’s very important that at his trainings he answers not only «what-to-do» questions but also «how-to-do» questions. In the process of preparing for the training Konstantin usually sees into the Client’s business, plunges into its specific characteristics and peculiarities, and it gives him an opportunity to speak the same language with the participants of his training.   

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