Valeria Ustinova
Valeria Ustinova
Valeria Ustinova is an expert in the sphere of communications and strengthening personal potential. She has a 17-year practice of consulting top managers of different companies. Valeria is a lecturer of Executive MBA programs in the High School of Financial Management, a moderator of special courses at the MSU, a member of international Organization Development Institute, a Member of the Russian Theatre Workers Society, a member of International Federation of actors.
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Valeria Ustinova believes that in the sphere of convincing communication there is no great gap between such notions as "actor", "manager", "leader" as all of them presuppose active, efficient and organic existence in different communication models. «Trainings for these groups of people are built on three main aspects which are important for their interaction with surrounding people: attention, imagination and muscular freedom – the so-called "beginner’s training" for actors and businessmen», - thinks Valeria. – «Don’t forget that the leader needs not only transform himself but also his employees. To motivate means to show the motive where your values will be presented, as well as values of those people whom you’re motivating now; that is the motive which makes people resonate with the company tasks».

Valeria Ustinova’s author’s techniques have been successfully used in electoral campaigns and personal development trainings for top managers and leaders of organizations over a number of years.

Valeria’s working style combines creative element, consistency in presenting information and an absolutely individual approach to all people who happen to be participants of her trainings.
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