10 simple truths about marketing or the top-manager’s survival guide
Tatiana Zheltomirskaya
Tatiana is a certified consultant with more than 16 years of experience in the sphere of marketing strategies, company positioning and brand positioning. She is also a team leader, project manager, market strategist, business-trainer and MBA programs lecturer.
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Target audience:

Business owners, company CEOs, heads of marketing departments.

If you are a company owner or a CEO and you have a persistent feeling that it’s high time for you to understand and find out how marketing can benefit your company, how to make marketing an INVESTMENT, not EXPENSES, then this training is for you.


«In this world where everybody hunts for your business you have to provide your customers with a reason to buy from you and not you competitor. If you do not offer this reason, then it’d be better for you to offer a low price».
Jack Trout

Training history: This training is created on the basis of Jack Trout’s 40-year experience of studying world markets and creation of successful businesses, a 15-year experience of his 20 European partners and a 6-year experience of Tatiana Zheltomirskaya, Jack Trout’s partner inUkraine.     

This course is worked out on the basis of Jack Trout’s bestseller «A Genie’s Wisdom». All material is presented with the reference to case studies taken from «the lives»  of well-known international and Ukrainian brands. Real steps on creating and managing of long-living brands are demonstarted.

Training program:

1.  Introduction. Welcome to the rest of the world.

Peculiarities of market development in terms of tough competition

State of some Ukrainian markets

2.     10 key questions of marketing.

     1. What’s the point of marketing

     2. What is branding

     3. How should a strategy of my product(s) look like –

                       7 embodiments of a strategy

        Strategy – in perception

        Strategy – in differentiation

        Strategy – in competitiveness

        Strategy – in specialization

        Strategy – in simplicity

        Strategy – in leadership                  

        Strategy – in reality

4.      How should I define a right price policy

5.      Are there any limitation in growth

6.      What is a good survey

7.      How to evaluate advertising

8.      How to choose right communication channels

9.      How important is a logotype

10.    What mistakes are usually made by companies

Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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