Effective personnel management
Tatiana Gromova
Tatiana Gromova has a 15-year experience of conducting long-term training programs, building schemes of education for top management of large companies, key performance indicator implementation, material motivation system, quality management.
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Target audience:

 Directors and managers who are eager to strengthen their leadership position by means of emotional intelligence.
Each participant of this training gets systematized feedback from a group and a coach which allows them to correct their individual managerial style.  Participants of role-playing games also receive video materials with their participation and individual recommendations of a coach on improving managerial skills


  1. To structure experience and knowledge of training participants in the sphere of   managing subordinates.
  2. To form and develop director’s managerial position.
  3. To form and develop the skills of assigning tasks to subordinates, skills of effective control, feedback to subordinates,  skills of motivational management of subordinates of different maturity levels which allow getting maximum efficiency from employees when solving business tasks. 


  1. Management Wheel.  Managerial position. Top-manager’s competencies


  • Management Wheel: managerial cycle and director’s functions
  • Managerial position: how to find an optimum distance between a director and his subordinates
  • From a professional-specialist to an efficient director: building the management system and the system if interpersonal relationships
  • Factors influencing the productivity of employees’ performance
  • Director’s role in increasing operational efficiency of his subordinates 
  • Criteria and indicators of efficient and inefficient management
  • Core competencies of an efficient top-manager


  1. Situational management of various categories of employees
  • Characteristics of major management styles: directive, instructing, supporting, delegating
  • Strengths and limitations of each style
  • Managerial situations for optimum use of each specific management style,
  • Diagnostics of and individual management style
  • How to choose an optimum management style for each specific situation
  • How to change your individual management style depending on a certain subordinate and a task under consideration
  • Talent management: how to manage talented subordinates


  1. Regular management: goal setting and task setting, delegation and control


  1. Tools for increasing productivity of subordinates


  1. Motivating management of subordinates

 Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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