Effective presentations
Aleksandr Galchin
Аn expert and coach in the sphere of presentations, public speaking and interaction with mass media. He is a personal advisor of business leaders in Russia and Ukraine.
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Top managers and business leaders who are aimed at the result, presenting and standing up for their ideas, products and projects in front of the Board of Directors, top management, shareholders, key customers and «budget holders», journalists and other demanding audiences.


To structure experience and knowledge of training participants in the sphere of preparing and giving business presentations. To improve and polish up presentation skills of participants. To raise participants’ confidence in their ability to efficiently «wrap» and sell their projects, products or services to high-status and demanding target audiences (the board of directors, potential investors, key customers and «budget holders») in public format.   

As a result of this training all participants will be able:to get more confidence in public communication with different target audiences; to widen their range of techniques aimed at managing audience attention; to express their thoughts more clearly and to increase the convincing strength of their presentations; to build their presentations according to the interests of a certain audience; to favorably answer knotty questions; as well as to enjoy their public speeches and presentations.

Training format:

Spontaneous and prepared speeches in front of an audience, mini-lecture modules, work in groups, team games and exercises, analysis of situations taken from participants’ practical experience. 

Event program:

Program brief:

1. Key components of effective presentations

2. Attraction and retention of audience attention

3. Algorithms and techniques of work with the content of business presentations:

4. Techniques of influence on audience decision making when giving business presentations:

5. Way out of difficult and conflict situations

6. Use of slides and a projector in presentations

Practical use of skills in group interaction, team games and exercises.

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«Эффективно, полезно, нужно! И нужно, чтобы узнали ругие! Много полезной информации и приемов, которые хочу уже использовать и советовать использовать другим. Ярко, профессионально, применимо, актуально,структурировано, полезно, эмоционально».
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