Enthusiasm, Loyalty, Efficiency as an internal resource
Пискарев Павел
Павел Пискарев - бизнес-тренер, бренд-коуч, игротехник, консультант, коуч управляющий партнер компании «Пискарев и Партнеры». Тренер-консультант в области стратегии бизнеса.
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To wake up and to start making wonders

To learn how to agree on something that is impossible to agree on

To master a new teamwork strategy


 1. How to wake up and start making wonders?

Laziness: techniques of diagnostics, restraint and prevention.

Force of Habit and Power of Loyalty – how to reconcile and synergize them?

Strategies of setting Champion-level Goals.

 2. Extreme influence: how to agree on something which is impossible to agree on?

Communicative wonders: how can I hear somebody else except me?

All 4 systems of my brain serve my priorities.

Negotiator’s strategy.

3. Team relationships: from declaring to implementation

Sources of interests: habitual illusions and amazing reality

«Mirror»: what sort of a team player am I?

Teamwork strategy: Support, Exactingness, Care.


Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.


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«Очень информативный, богатый примерами тренинг. Командное взаимодействие – возможность услышать и быть услышанным. Возможность совместно выработать «программу успеха».
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