The art of managerial battle. According to the author’s technology of V.K. Tarasov
Stanislav Zabrovskiy
Stanislav Zabrovskiy is a lecturer of the course «Personal efficiency of a top-manager» in the High School of International Business at the Academy of National Economy under the government of the Russian Federation concerning Executive MBA programs. He is also a lecturer for MBA programs in the State University of Management and a lecturer of the course «Personal managerial skills» included into the all-Russian presidential training program for managerial human resources in the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics.
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Target audience:

Top-managers and mid-managers of dynamically developing companies who need additional tools of control and improvement of performance discipline, self-organization and additional skills in solving problem situations in crisis conditions.


 - To teach participants how to efficiently control staff activities and tasks in conditions of high agility and continuous changes of a situation;

- To master techniques allowing participants to efficiently control not only current functional responsibilities but also new perspective projects;

- To teach participants how to firmly cope with situations of pressure, dictate, time crunch, tough conditions of interaction; how to assume responsibility in certain situations when the value of the matter is too high.

- To get an idea and practical skills on components of managerial process and managerial functions.

- The following aspects are learnt and practiced: mechanisms and standard behavioral reactions in case of resistance and counteractions in business and working situations, psychological pressure, «provocative» behavior, situations of insubordination or interception of management.

- Variants of behavioral patterns allowing participants to increase management efficiency are practiced. 

- To find ways of solving practical situations offered by participants.

- To increase independency in making decisions and responsibility, including subordinates;

- To increase performance discipline concerning given instructions and tasks;

- To check «fighting efficiency» of managerial staff «free of losses», to increase effectiveness of negotiation skills, to increase consistency and speed of thinking, to improve adequacy of managerial decisions;

- To work out unified corporate approach, a single overview, unified culture and system of corporate values.


Format of the program is an interactive training. All techniques are practiced by means of real cases taken from participants’ experience. Detailed hand-outs.  Participant’s certificate.


Sources of power and authority of a top manager

Managerial functions. An exercise «Management activities».  Resources and sources of a top-manager’s power. Functions of a top-manager. Development of order and discipline.  Managerial responsibility and adequacy.  World view and its adequacy.  Managerial choice matrix.

Techniques and principles of business battle and cooperation

Concept, place and role of types of managerial battle. Business and positional battle in the situation of resistance and counteraction. Fighting and interaction. Formulas, techniques and stratagems.

Management of difficult and problem situations. Rules and roles

Psychological stability and resistance to pressure in conflict situations. «Golden techniques». Rules and roles.  Method «120+120+120».   Staging of peculiar problems of organizations and their analysis. Skills in asserting own interests and practical resistance to manipulations and pressure. 

Workshop – management of difficult and problem situations

Development and practicing of influence skills, ability to win in the situations of active resistance and counteraction. Skills of effective solutions and behavior, ability to serve your own interests in conflict situations.


Slalom of managerial fights: negotiation struggle in peculiar problem situations. Workshop on real conflict situations with subordinates, counteragents, etc. personal managerial skills in the situations of resistance and counteractions. Practicing of mental processing and associative thinking, adequacy of managerial solutions and personal responsibility.


Slalom of managerial fights: negotiation struggle in peculiar problem situations. Mini-tournament.

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