Corporate Time Management
Stanislav Zabrovskiy
Stanislav Zabrovskiy is a lecturer of the course «Personal efficiency of a top-manager» in the High School of International Business at the Academy of National Economy under the government of the Russian Federation concerning Executive MBA programs. He is also a lecturer for MBA programs in the State University of Management and a lecturer of the course «Personal managerial skills» included into the all-Russian presidential training program for managerial human resources in the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics.
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Target audience:

Company employees whose work directly influences business efficiency.


To increase business efficiency and profitability at the expense of optimizing timing resources.


How quick do your employees react to customers’ requests? Do you have shorter duration of business processes than your competitors have? Do you have enough time to make alterations in your plans in case the market situation has changed?

To win in a stringent competitive struggle is becoming harder and harder. Almost everybody has a relatively high quality of goods. Price competition is a kind of suicide and the straightest way to losses. But few people pay attention to time-based competition – a resource highly valued in the 21st century.

Training content:

 Personal management accounting

  • Domestic tradition of organizing personal time
  • Time-keeping, personal efficiency assessment, time eaters
  • Techniques of task review and control

 Time management in transforming corporate culture        

  • «Hard» and «soft» approaches of corporate time management
  • «Efficiency bacillus», its role in increasing efficiency of a company / division
  • Use of time management for developing organizations and supporting projects on improving management systems.


Flexible planning and prioritization

  • Context planning
  • Method of structuring attention
  • Methods of «eliminating unnecessary things» and giving priorities

 Computerization of personal and team work

  • Planning system on the basis of Excel and Outlook
  • Control system on the basis of Excel
  • Technical facilities: «mobile office», pocket PC, voice recorder

 Goal-setting and self-motivation

  • Techniques of setting goals
  • Personal strategy and mission
  • Methods of self-motivation and workload management


Time management in the system of corporate standards

  • Corporate standard of organizing staff timing
  • «Social laziness» and optimization of coercion
  • Time management in the system attestation; quality criteria of team time management

 Order, chaos, development

  • Method of limited chaos
  • Limited chaos in goal-setting and regulatory activities
  • Efficiency management of creative labor

Logic of corporate time management implementation

  • Structure of a corporate time management project
  • «Safety techniques»
  • Organizational strategy

Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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