Mark Kukushkin
Mark Kukushkin is a business consultant who ranked among top-10 best Russian coaches. From 1997 he is a professional business trainer and a consultant in the sphere of management and organizational development.
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Target audience:

This program is aimed at employees whose leadership skills are the most important component for having efficient business results. 



Formation of the system of views concerning leadership competencies.

Formation of principle-based Leadership skills: decision-making based on the principles (values).

Formation of the system of Leadership views and skills regarding your own life: goal-setting and goal achievement, energy management and stress management.

Formation of the Leader image as the agent of organizational changes.

Development of competencies of Leadership influence (including for solving conflicts).

Formation of emotional Leadership skills.

Formation of leadership projects: in the sphere of your own (private) life, in the organizational sphere.

Development of Leader competencies in innovativeness and creativeness.

Formation of skills for using creative methods (tools).

Presentation of Leadership projects’ results.

Assessment of training project results (individual development in this subject).




Session One

Introduction to leadership. Leadership in your own life. Principle-based leadership

1. What is leadership?

2. Basics of leader’s personal efficiency

3. Leader’s life balance:

     energy potential management

4. Goals for a Leader

5. Leadership based on principles and values

6. Self-development program for a Leader

7. Personal Leadership projects


Session Two

Leader as an agent of organizational changes. Leadership as influence. Emotional leadership


1. Review of learnt material and monitoring of fulfilled activities

2. Group management and influencing skills for a Leader

3. Emotional Leadership

4. Elements of acting technique training for Leaders. Funky Leadership

5. Leader as an agent of organizational changes

6. Organizational Leadership in regular managerial activities

7. Leadership projects in the sphere of organizational changes


Session Three

Innovation Leadership. Creativity and leadership.

Presentation of leadership projects’ results


1. Review of learnt material and monitoring of fulfilled activities

2. Creativity in Leader’s life and work 

3. Skills and tools of individual art (creative work)

4. Skills of collective artwork (creativity): how to create ideas in a group?

5. Leadership styles. Style repertoire of a Leader.

6. Presentation of Leadership projects’ results.

7. Results and prospects of Leadership development project.


Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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