Staff learning and development (pharmaceutical market)
Konstantin Tatarskiy
Konstantin Tatarskiy has been consulting in the sphere of negotiations, sales management and building of sales systems in large companies for 13 years. He is the Director for development and implementation of corporate training programs in Client companies.
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Target audience:

Top managers interested in development of their employees.


To teach how to use an efficient approach in staff learning and development.


Work of a District Manager (DM) requires sustainable sales skills and the ability to use flexible sales techniques depending on a client’s situation.   

For the purpose of obtaining such skills it is necessary to provide continuous learning and development of a DM.

Therefore the functional of managers includes collective visit of a client for the purpose of learning and improving skills of a DM, as well as drawing-up of a development plan for each DM.

Solution approach:

For the purpose of increasing efficiency of learning and development of a DM it is important to choose an appropriate strategy for developing skills of a certain employee.

If you want to choose and adequate strategy you have to assess:

  • the motivation level of a DM;
  • the level of DM skills development;
  • type of a DM regarding openness to criticism.


Each strategy has its own set of tactical methods which are offered for consideration, exercising and further practical use in this training program.

Training subject-based blocks:

1. Difference between learning and development. Key principles of employee development;

2. Situational approach to employee development;

3. Taking into account individual psychological peculiarities of employees;

4. Principles and techniques of developing insufficiently motivated employees;

5. Principles and techniques of developing new employees with low level of skills development;

6. Principles and techniques of developing experienced employees with high level of skills development;

7. Planning of employee development;

8. Peculiarities of making collective visits.

Program results:

- Training participants will obtain knowledge about situational approach to employee development and master directions of work with different types of subordinates according to the matrix «Skills – Motivation»;

- Participants will master the algorithms of stimulating feedback;

- Participants will understand the causes of mistakes made by medical representatives in their work; they will learn how to mark out an employee’s key quality and to provide him with stimulating feedback based on this key quality. They will find out more about working techniques applied to subordinates with a low level of skills development and lack of motivation.

- They will learn core principles for clarifying employees’ motivation;

- Participants will get an idea of difference between employee’s true motivation of requirements imposed by him;

- They will get an idea of methods for clarifying motivation and they will practice their use in role-play games;

- They will get acquainted with the approach to the development of experienced subordinates with high level of motivation and skills development.


Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.


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