Presentation to Demanding Audiences
Aleksandr Galchin
Аn expert and coach in the sphere of presentations, public speaking and interaction with mass media. He is a personal advisor of business leaders in Russia and Ukraine.
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Target audience

Key personnel, leaders, managers, who are aimed at the result, presenting and standing up for their ideas, products and projects to tough, high-status, demanding or unfavorable audience.


To improve skills in achievement needed business result in any complex situations and  in presentation, negotiation, speech formats.

Event Program

Presentation is an integral part and essential of any processes connected with communications: negotiations, meetings, interviews, sales, persuasion and other situations when fool information about the object is to be delivered.

The program consists of two blocks:

 1. Efficient presentation/speech essentials

 A main principle of efficient presentation to the high-status, demanding and not always positively disposed audience, when the risks are high. The presentation is not a goal in itself. It's a way of the needed business result achievement.

— Two components of the solved business task.

— Possible sleights and techniques of complex convincing presentations.

Presentation development

Target audience:

—     Status, education, sex, age, nature.

—     What is their price paid

—     Competences on my presentation subject (%)

— What is important, necessary and interesting for them concerning the topic of presentation?

— What is not important and not interesting for them concerning the topic of presentation?

—     What kind of decision making format does exist?

—     Expected disposition (approval, doubt,  negativism, the outcome of the matter is in doubt …)

— How to set oneself up (pose, gestures)

Presentation realization

— Comprehensible for the audience inner structure of presentation

— What is unacceptable during presentation

— Three Kennedy rules

— Self presentation

— How your behavior, voice and appearance can be interpreted in connection with what you present  

— How to play all your trumps

— How to control oneself (poses, breathing, and eye contact)

2. Needed result achievement under the tough questions and comments pressure


— Preliminary lobbying, forestalling of questions, psychological readiness.

— Emotional control.


Technologies of answering tough and awkward questions:

— The main algorithm of answer

— Word damping sleights

3. Effective speaking in front of mass media (short bonus unit in the end of the training)

Additional information

Each of three units combines mini-informational modules with interactive exercises, discussing and practical tasks solving.

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