The Fighting Skills in the Tough Negotiations
Stanislav Zabrovskiy
Stanislav Zabrovskiy is a lecturer of the course «Personal efficiency of a top-manager» in the High School of International Business at the Academy of National Economy under the government of the Russian Federation concerning Executive MBA programs. He is also a lecturer for MBA programs in the State University of Management and a lecturer of the course «Personal managerial skills» included into the all-Russian presidential training program for managerial human resources in the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics.
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This training is for those who want to masterfully cope with situations of pressing, dictate,time handicap, hard interaction conditions. Who are involved in situations, when the price paid is too high. Who wants to be able to act thinking ahead to consequences and assuming responsibility.

Project Advantages:

- check managers “fighting efficiency” without wastes

- enhance negotiation skills efficiency  

- work in the company’s problem field

- enhance consistency and mental processing

The course includes:   

- strategy and tactics of cooperation

- choices criteria of negotiation fighting behavior model

- sleights and counter sleights in tough negotiations

- sleights and counter sleights of business and positional fighting in negotiations  

- development and strategy setting of internal problem situations solutions


- Learning to masterfully cope with situations of pressing, dictate,hard interaction conditions. In situations, when the price paid is high and the Partner is not supposed to take into account your concern. 

Developing and mastering mechanisms, standard behavior reactions at using multi-elemental attack scenarios and countermeasures in business interactions situations, sleights of psychological pressure and provocative behavior.  

Mastering behavior variants allowing counteract towards these tactics efficiency.

In active participant interaction exploring methods of coping with negotiation partner’s resistance, mastering sleight technologies of needs fixation and convincing tactics. 

Finding ways of practical situations solutions, offered to the participants.

Increasing self dependence in decision making and subordinates responsibility.  

Improvement of given practice and tasks implementation.

Checking managers “fighting efficiency” without wastes, enhancing negotiation skills efficiency, enhancing consistency and mental processing, manager’s decision adequacy enhancement.


Conflict-management and status defense sleights

Introduction in the training’s genre and topic

Harvard negotiations model

Particular characteristics and features of complex negotiations

Individual resources and sleights in negotiations

Natural response to aggression

Protection against the pressure

Rational protection principles

Influence instruments

Sleights of invincibility creation in tough interaction

Formula, sleight, stratagem

Three part of managerial sleight

Dynamic stereotypes and managerial division of labor

Strategies and sleights of complex situations control

Sleight and stratagems

Fight and cooperation principles

Psychological resistance and pressure countermeasures in conflict situations

Stratagem mentality and multiway combinations in result achievement without fight

Additional sleights

Positional and business fight in negotiations

Positional and business fight

Situational behavior in conflict and dynamic situations (negotiations)

Behavior and decisions in dynamically developing role situations with the given roles and interests

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Inspirational Opinions
«Получила ответы на вопросы, которые были до тренинга и возникали в процессе. Предложенные на тренинге стандарты можно использовать в нашей компании. На тренинге смогла определить правила поведения, при участии в проекте, последовательность действий. Благодаря тренингу буду совершать меньше «холостых» действий. Не буду «изобретать велосипед» в значительном числе процессов. Хорошая организация тренинга».
Рудь Светлана
review of training "Управление изменениями" Ищенко Алексей
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