Objection handling. Psychological aspects of price perception
Sergey Zharikov
Sergey Zharikov is an expert with a 17-year experience of practical coaching in the sphere of sales. He is an author of scenario sales and a developer of technology for strategy sales in the sphere of services. He is in the list of top-10 best business trainers in the sphere of sales.
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Target audience:

This training is intended to provide group work only with managers who have already undergone the training «Sales techniques and customer attraction» and is a logical follow-up of more detailed learning of the topic «Objection mitigation». Training materials are based on previously learned topics, therefore trainees are required to master previously obtained skills and knowledge necessary for effective work with customers. 


— Brief revision and reinforcement of previously learned material.

— Learning and mastering of objection handling techniques.

— Learning of effective techniques for working with the price.

— Mastering of the ability to define the type of objection.

— Learning of coercive influence psychotechnology.


Part 1. Introduction.

1. Introduction
Brief information message on training tasks and objectives and means for their achievement and accomplishment.

2. Setting group norms
«here and now», «confidentiality», «physical closedness», «activity», «sincerity», «constructive feedback»

Part 2. Objection types.

1. Why do objections appear?
What is behind an objection? To what single whole can all diversity of objections be brought together? Psychological roots of human resistance. What is the difference between resistance and objection?

2. Objection types.
How to identify an objection type? Why do we need to classify objections according to their types?

3. Key algorithm of objection handling.
What should the work with any objection be started with? At what moment should an objection be adapted and mitigated? In what cases objection handling techniques don’t work? Why? Eight steps of objection handling.

Part 3. General methods of objection handling.

1. trust
2. objection handling algorithm
3. isolation
4. excuse
5. generalization
6. transforming an objection into a question
7. amortization
8. anticipation
9. interpretation
10. comparative question
11. paradoxical method
12. interrogatory method
13. ignoring
14. narrative method
15. dealing with «no»
16. dealing with the price

The essence of each method is considered. Examples of their use in certain situations are analyzed. Peculiarities of work with each method are emphasized.

Part 4. Particular methods of objection handling.

1. Handling objections of the type «I’ll have to think about it».

2. Handling objections of the type «We work with your competitor».

3. Handling objections of the type «It’s too expensive»

We will analyze particular methods of objection handling which confuse and disappoint sales managers more often.

Part 5. Dealing with the price.

1. Peculiarities of customer price perception.
Why does a customer consider the price to be key objection more often? Difference between price and value: what is of more importance? Main mistakes of price presentation. Price keynote presentation. Psychological aspects of increasing value of a product or service. Search for extra benefits. Principles of dealing with the price.

2. Methods of price presentation
Main methods are analyzed.

Rules of giving discounts and other techniques of changing price perception by a negotiation partner.

Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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