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Mark Kukushkin
Mark Kukushkin is a business consultant who ranked among top-10 best Russian coaches. From 1997 he is a professional business trainer and a consultant in the sphere of management and organizational development.
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Target audience:

This program is tailored for business trainers:

corporate and independent (freelance trainers),

and people already working as business trainers (experience of conducting trainings is desirable) who are motivated  for professional development (mastering this profession in case of absence of coaching experience).


— To enrich methodical set of tools for a trainer and to systematize theoretical views of trainings.

— To form trainer competencies in the sphere of goal-setting and developing skills.

— To form (development, upgrade) the skills of preparing and conducting a training for this program participants.

— To form trainer competencies in the sphere of preparing and conducting a training: patterns, structures, games, exercises, etc.

— To develop trainer competencies in the sphere of supporting training activities in a company: finding needs in additional training, assessment of participants’ potential, making a report on a training conducted, etc.

— To form a view of a training as business and to form the skills of self-promotion (self-marketing) as a trainer.

— To get an experience of conducting trainings independently by participants of this program and to get professional feedback (supervision) from experts and colleagues.

— To develop training modules and programs independently.


Session #1: Trainer as a profession. Specific features of business training. Trainer as a consultant

1. Techniques of training work in a company

2. Requirements to an effective training

3. Forming skills as a major task of a training

4. Training cycle: before and after training

5. Trainer consultative competency

6. Diagnostics during training  

7. Preparation of report on training results

8. Training laboratory – Training on communication skills.

Session #2. Basics of managing a group and the set of tools for a trainer

1. Group dynamics: Basics of group work.

2. Basic elements of a training program.

3. Techniques of mainstreaming a group and involving participants. Role-play games.

4. Receiving and giving feedback.

5. Outcomes and results of group work.

6. Training laboratory – Sales.

Session #3. Training styles. Designing a training

1. Training styles. Training roles.

2. Designing exercises.

3. Designing a training module.

4. Designing a whole training.

5. Training design.

6. Training system in an organization.

7. Training laboratory – Forming managerial skills

Session #4. Testing works of participants of this educational program
Marketing of training services

Training company – the art of business development

Training laboratory – Team-building

Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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