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Valeria Ustinova
Valeria Ustinova is an expert in the sphere of communications and strengthening personal potential. She has a 17-year practice of consulting top managers of different companies. Valeria is a lecturer of Executive MBA programs in the High School of Financial Management, a moderator of special courses at the MSU, a member of international Organization Development Institute, a Member of the Russian Theatre Workers Society, a member of International Federation of actors.
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This training will be useful for those company employees who are willing to master the skills of convincing communication for the purpose of increasing efficiency of business communication.


To master a technique of capturing attention.

To get rid of adverse stereotypes and behavioral standards.

How to come out of a «hung-up» condition in the process of communication.


All We say – We say about ourselves:

- when we read out real intentions of others,

- when it is obvious for other people what we want to hide.

The tandem of the first and second gives the formula of effective communication.

The focus is on the relationships with colleagues, clients, and partners.

It is not enough just to read a book about body language and voice control.

Wrong intonation, body stiffness, filler words, anxiety-constrained voice, and inability to focus attention – it is not enough just to know about them, you have to get rid of them.

Therefore, - from knowledge of perception rules – to convincing communication.

  1. Five components of a first impression
  2. Perception mistakes - «what we really see, when we look at, and what we hear when we listen to».
  3. Components of a first aural (hearing) impression.
  4. Body markers and their correction: Distance. Steadiness. What is hidden by lips, can be revealed by hands. Oculomotor reflexes.
  5. Voice markers and their correction: Breathing. Timbre. Tempo. Intonation.
  6. Speech markers and their correction:  Speech logic.  Imagery. Theatrical pause.
  7. Text markers and their correction: Lexical scales. Rhythmic. Framing rule. Three metaphors of a winner.

 Correlation of lectures with exercises is 1:4. 


-Mastering of basic skills of convincing communication.

-Ability to consciously influence the interaction with audience through body-voice-speech-text.

-Elimination of internal stiffness and replacing it with new special mindset of interaction with audience. 

-Creating an image «I am the Winner» for effective business communication.


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