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Aleksey Ishchenko
Aleksey Ishchenko is an expert in the field of companies strategic development, Change Management and Project Managemant. He is an independent member of executive boards in several companies. He is a Doctor of Economics, Professor of major business schools in Russia and Europe such as the High School of Management (business school) of the State University — the High School of Economics, the Academy of National Economy, the Business School at the Moscow State University and the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.
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To develop skills of organizing and managing projects of business change and renewal under the conditions of global financial and economic changes with the aim of forming competitive advantage in aggressive environments.

To build a team of motivated top managers who are able to develop a program of changes for their companies and prepare it for further turning into reality after undergoing this training.  

To develop a Program of changes for your company and change management model consisting of you real «live» projects which have an expert assessment in the format of possible «growth points» with the aim of maximal adaptation of your projects to business transformation.

To form and to choose a suitable strategy for your business development is just a half of huge work on renewing the company in conditions of the crisis. The remaining part is devoted to turning this strategy into reality, developing new projects, launching team potential, reaching intermediate results and then stabilizing successful results.

To change with the aim of remaining true to yourself – that is the principle of this training.  Change management and company modernization. If a leader manages his choice, then he is able to control the system he is working in. It allows him to follow the strategy of organization development, to renew its structure and processes, to search and implement new promotional possibilities and avoid risks by means of monitoring markets. Successful business transformation in terms of a continuously changing market means to successfully manage organizational and strategic changes within and outside your own business space and to make each tendency useful for your business growth in conditions of crisis.  

What is the result of undergoing this training devoted to change management?

1. Formation of the team of motivated top managers who develop a program of reorganizing their company and prepare its turning into reality after undergoing this training.

2. Development of the program of organizational and strategic changes for your company, the model of their managing which consists of your real «live» projects with expert assessment in the format of possible «growth points» with the aim of maximal adaptation of your projects to business transformation.

Why is this training devoted to change management so popular among top managers?

1. This training practically teaches how to understand the process of managing organizational and strategic changes and how to differentiate market tendencies and crisis signs; besides it allows getting immunity against well-known business and managerial mistakes. Within the framework of this program the author analyzes world best practice of successful companies which was accumulated by major business schools of the USAand Europe.

2. This training «Change Management» excludes the effect of «bookish knowledge». Here you can analyze practical cases of Russian companies, top managers of which (more than 1000 persons) underwent certain trainings in Russian top business schools where the author has been teaching for the last ten years.

3. The program «Change management» uses efficient training structure: mini-lecture introduces participants into the module theme, then a certain situation in a customer’s company is considered, and then group work on the strategy for a customer’s company is used. During this group work a model of effective company modernization is elaborated.  

4. Long experience of giving trainings inRussia, Europe andChina, dozens of anti-crisis strategic sessions for Russian and western companies in terms of Russian reality are all the indicators of high qualification and relevant experience level of the author. And this is a pledge of successful work on a strategy allowing you to maximize the value of your business.

Training program structure

To get acquainted with major international approaches to efficient business change management. Management of strategic and organizational changes in a company.

To study emotional and interpersonal interaction models which are possible to appear in a company in the course of change implementation.

To elaborate a detailed plan of work for successful implementation of initiatives on strategic changes and transformation of your business.

To develop skills of managing a team in the process of change implementation. 

To get acquainted with mechanisms of implementing strategic transformations.

To develop a set of change programs for effective renewal of your business.

To work out the methods of overcoming psychological resistance to changes in the process of business transformation.

 Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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