Conflict management in business environment
Tatiana Gromova
Tatiana Gromova has a 15-year experience of conducting long-term training programs, building schemes of education for top management of large companies, key performance indicator implementation, material motivation system, quality management.
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Target audience:

Top managers, key employees of companies


To master constructive communication skills: collective discussion and decision making, problem analysis, feedback to colleagues

To learn how:

To understand causes and types of conflicts within a company

To use systemic and complex approach when analyzing conflicts

To settle conflicts taking into consideration basic interests of a company

To use techniques of decreasing the level of proneness to conflict in a company and forming spirit of cooperation


  1. Introduction to the course
  2. The notion of conflict.  Causes of conflicts in a company. Types of conflicts
  3. Conflict management within a company

Conflict diagnostics: symptoms of arising conflict, indicators of an actual conflict

Conflict situation analysis: «POSITIONS/INTERESTS» card

Correlation assessment of resources of conflicting parties

Finding motivation of opponents

Tactics of behavior in a conflict situation: cooperation, rivalry, concession, compromise, leave

Choice of most appropriate behavioral tactic taking into consideration basic interests of a company

Step-by-step algorithm of settling a conflict situation

Negotiations in the process of settling conflicts: their peculiarities, rules and methods

Use of mediation technique when settling a conflict situation

4.     Overcoming a conflict at a behavioral level

5.     Development of «cooperation» competency and key skills of constructive communication

Development of skills of collective discussion of working moments, moderation and facilitation

Development of skills of collective decision making even in the situation of uncertainty

Development of analysis skills and skills of solving problems which may arise in the course of teamwork

Development of skills of giving corrective feedback to colleagues in the course of teamwork

 Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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