Customer relationship management
Konstantin Tatarskiy
Konstantin Tatarskiy has been consulting in the sphere of negotiations, sales management and building of sales systems in large companies for 13 years. He is the Director for development and implementation of corporate training programs in Client companies.
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Target audience:

Heads of Customer Relationship Departments and employees who conduct negotiations with customers


To increase performance efficiency at the expense of:

Getting and further use of techniques and strategies of conducting tough negotiations

Development and implementation of a complex approach to building and developing relationships with key customers


Block 1.

Complex offer for a customer (product development)

- Peculiarities of negotiations in B2B market. Notion of a complex service

-Consultative negotiations as a method of market development. Techniques and approaches.

-Stages of customer development. Assessment of customer potential and possibilities to change it.

-Role and tasks of a company representative as a consultant for customers.

-Possible ways of Customer development in the new and already developed territories.


Block 2.

Negotiations with Customers concerning complex offers  

-Stages of personal contact with a customer.

-Structure of prolonged negotiations in B2B market.

-Analytics according to customers and territories. Development of a relevant offer for a current customer.

-Stages of negotiations with a customer.

-Preparation for communications with a customer.

-Setting a staged goal

-Preparing economic feasibility of the offer

-Defining a behavioral strategy depending on a situation and current goal.

-Establishment of contact. Peculiarities of communicating with a customer-«friend».

-Actualization of a need in business development. SPIN model.

-Presentation of an offer.

-Work with negative reactions of a customer. 

-Closing a deal or reaching agreements on further activities.

Analytics of agreements

Control of compliance with agreements

Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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