Value-based management
Tatiana Gromova
Tatiana Gromova has a 15-year experience of conducting long-term training programs, building schemes of education for top management of large companies, key performance indicator implementation, material motivation system, quality management.
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Target audience:

Top managers and key employees of the companies who are willing to learn how to reach the goal and to fulfill themselves in this life according to their personal values.


In the basis of this technology there is a concept of «value-based staff management», which is based on understanding 4 levels of person’s involvement when he takes part in any activity and enters into relationships with other people:

- behavior – how to reach the goal (knowledge, techniques); 

- capabilities – how to learn reaching the goal (skills);

- attitudes – how to wish to learn reaching the goal (motivation); 

- values – how to fulfill themselves in this life according to personal values (mission).


System of relationship management through the employees’ values.

Notions of Motivation and Self-motivation.

Theory and practice of motivation programs and events in business.

4 levels of staff involvement into the company’s life: behavior, skills, motivation (attitudes), values

Work with employees’ attitudes. Methods of motivation management.

 Work with diagnostics of employees’ values. 2 types of value assessment. Methods of their clarification.

 Methods of organizing value-based staff management in a company.

 Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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«Тренинг дает мощную теоретическую и практическую базу. Обсуждалось много методов и приемов борьбы с возражениями. Много позитивных эмоций. Считаю, что поможет в дальнейшей работе и в жизни в целом. Возражения и работа с ними – одна из важнейших частей переговоров. Это необходимо знать каждому».
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