Project Management and Project Team Management
Aleksey Ishchenko
Aleksey Ishchenko is an expert in the field of companies strategic development, Change Management and Project Managemant. He is an independent member of executive boards in several companies. He is a Doctor of Economics, Professor of major business schools in Russia and Europe such as the High School of Management (business school) of the State University — the High School of Economics, the Academy of National Economy, the Business School at the Moscow State University and the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.
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Target audience:

Top managers and mid-level managers who assess efficiency of organizational projects of different complexity, as well as other managers and leaders of permanent and temporary working staff.


Synchronization of participants’ ideas concerning the concept of project approach. Mastering project approach theory: project as a phenomenon, principles and rules of conducting a project from its initiation till close-out, technologies of creation temporary working groups for solving local tasks and project implementation. Definition of a cluster of skills for a project manager.


The world is changing. All processes are gathering pace.  Cycles of ideas and products are shortening. Ideas themselves are losing their value – the most important thing is how fast and appropriate this idea is implemented. It is necessary to quickly and adequately react to either external or internal changes.

A new philosophy, new methods of development and creation of new things are entering the business arena. Project teams are temporary working groups and matrix structures. Unfortunately it is not enough just to follow prescribed standards if you want to succeed in project management – you’ll have to see the rules of short-term interaction, well-known notions and terms, subordination and structure in a new light.

Main topics of the program:

- Basics of project management concept

- Organizational and psychological aspects of project group management

 Skills, techniques and competencies to be developed:

Synchronized view of management at project activities;

Knowledge of general methodology of organizing and implementing projects;

Knowledge of main methods of analyzing a problem or situation for initiating a project;

Techniques of setting project aims and objectives, assigning tasks and supervising their implementation;

Ability to decompose aims and tasks according to the level of work and events of the project (basics of the Gantt diagram);

Skills of delegating responsibility for a final result to project participants;

Understanding steps for the project closeout: creating the experience base, assessment of results and lessons of the project;

Skills of catching slight signals of sabotage, low activity, rejection of responsibility, psychological reactance;

Procedures of creating a universal information field and team context of a project group;
Skills of conducting efficient real-time meetings concerning the project, decision making in a group;

Technology of dealing with failures of a project team.

 After completing this program the participants will be able:

To take part and work as project managers, to build a structure of project activities;

To create a project context in the group;

To manage project energy judging from weak emotional and value signals;

To know key principles of efficient work in case of failures and emergency work;

To provide the best performance of tasks given to the project team.

Results for a company and business in general:

The basis for using the project approach in the activities of a company is laid;

Understanding the relevance of creating temporary teams for short-term and medium-term tasks;

Mechanisms of incorporating project groups in a line structure of an enterprise are understandable;

Conditions and factors for developing the project approach in a company are understandable;

More precise planning of terms and resources of a project.

 Training technologies:

Cross-cutting case as a practical model (it’s possible to use current activities of a customer), exercises and business games, group discussions, analysis of practical cases, work in groups.

Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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