Purchasing negotiations
Konstantin Tatarskiy
Konstantin Tatarskiy has been consulting in the sphere of negotiations, sales management and building of sales systems in large companies for 13 years. He is the Director for development and implementation of corporate training programs in Client companies.
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Target audience:

Employees who are willing to develop their skills of conducting purchasing negotiations


Special attention will be paid to the development of participants’ ability to conduct negotiations with current suppliers: to present advantages of long-term cooperation with their company; to agree on financial conditions of work to the benefit for their company, to settle conflict situations (in case of breaching delivery terms and conditions)


Introduction and course tasks

- Knowledge and skills for reaching the result

- Unified view of the negotiation process

Professional conducting of purchasing negotiations

Analysis of participants’ dominating style of conducting negotiations

Beginning of the contact with a supplier within a framework of the stage of starting negotiations. Position clarification. 

Assessment of a supplier with the aim of defining his tactics of conducting negotiations.

Discussion of work conditions

- Making an image of a «right partner» for a suppler

- How to overcome supplier’s skepticism and indifference

- What should be paid special attention in the contract

- How to bargain, discussing the conditions (rule «if ..., then…» etc.)

- How to get goods on credit and at a discount

Work with «difficult» suppliers and their claims. Settling of conflict situations.

Successful completion of negotiations.

Informative part of the program in more details is to be additionally specified.

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