VIP negotiations
Vladimir Kozlov
Vladimir Kozlov is an expert in the sphere of complex business communication (negotiations). He is Ph.D. in Psychology, a lecturer of a course on this subject in MBA program, the High School of Management of the State University, the High School of Economics, the Russian-German School of Management; besides he is Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences, Professor of the Academy of Security Issues, Professor of the Academy of Acmeological Sciences (psychology of professionalism).
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To summarize available work experience, to get qualitative analysis of an individual style and to expand training participants’ knowledge on specific technologies of managing negotiations with VIP clients.  


1. Group discussion «Resources and limitations of VIP negotiations»

In this discussion all essential features of these negotiations and requirements which should be met when conducting such negotiations are emphasized.

2. Video practicum «Basic principles and mistakes of VIP negotiations»

On the basis of film analysis the general strategies of managing communication with a difficult customer are marked out.

3. Imitation game, video training «Methods of managing contacts with a key customer»

On the basis of analysis of training participants’ hands-on experience the techniques of managing contacts (adjustment, pressure resistance, and special communication techniques) are practiced.

4. Didactic game «Basic tools of influence»

Psychological basis of influencing communication – sub-personality – is in the focus of attention.

5. Business game «Invitation to the presentation»

Skills of working with the interlocutor’s sub-personalities are practiced in this case study.

6. Video practicum «Upward management»

Technologies of convincing argumentation in the course of communication with a higher-status interlocutor are studied in this section.


7. Training «Techniques of implicit conviction»

Technologies of convincing argumentation in the course of communication with a higher-status interlocutor are practiced in this section.

8. Practicum «Technologies of working with information»

Rules of working with information are studied and then skills of working with information as the basis of convincing communication are practiced.

9. Video practicum «Techniques of an «eliciting» dialogue»

The style of communicating with an interlocutor for the purpose of eliciting maximum information is studied.

10. Business game «Customer profile»

Methods of arranging elicited information for the purpose of planning convincing communications or interaction strategy with a business partner are studied and practiced.

11. Practicum «Rules of working with questions»

12. Didactic game «Convincing influence»

By means of this case study the basic rules of implicit identification of interlocutor’s needs are studied; further practice with techniques of convincing communication.

13. Business game «VIP negotiations»

On the basis of a negotiation pattern all techniques already analyzed in the course of this training are practiced.

14. Practicum «Empathic influence»

Techniques of establishing emotionally positive relationships with an interlocutor are analyzed.

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