Tough Negotiations
Vladimir Kozlov
Vladimir Kozlov is an expert in the sphere of complex business communication (negotiations). He is Ph.D. in Psychology, a lecturer of a course on this subject in MBA program, the High School of Management of the State University, the High School of Economics, the Russian-German School of Management; besides he is Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences, Professor of the Academy of Security Issues, Professor of the Academy of Acmeological Sciences (psychology of professionalism).
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The most valid and strategically profitable negotiations are hold at the constructive approach from all sides. But what to do if the partner intentionally checks our position using incorrect influential tactics. We should keep in mind the main rule of tough negotiations:

“They don’t negotiate with the crips, they just dictate terms”

It is possible to cope with such situations, if you demonstrate your ability to adequately work even in the tough communication models. Appropriate applied techniques are mastered at the training.

Basic idea of the training:

Mastering technology of tough negotiations means mastering the control interception skill in the tough scenario of negotiation partner. It is a skill of winning without war.


-  Discover common lows of the tough negotiations process

-  Determine main strategies of the control interception

-  Master skills allowing of the tough negotiations process control

Training format

This training is actually interactive. If you decide to take part in it, you should be prepared to a large number of practical situations. Business games, which a re used in the training, allow revealing the main effects of our conscience in the emotionally tough situations. Pace of work is very high, however there you’ll have the opportunity to work with methodic materials in order to brush up the skill. If desired, you can incognito propose to work over your own situations. Moreover, you have to get acquainted with the range of special technologies, which are used in situations of the straight influence on a person.

Program content:

- Group discussion “Tough Negotiations Phenomenon”. The features of Tough Negotiations are determined.

- Video-workshop “Power Resource Developing”. Analyzing tactical sleights, which allow negotiator’s individual power resource increasing.  

- Training-workshop "Control Intercept in the Tough Contact”.  Analyzing real situations of the tough contact process are simulated and general methods of their control.

- Informational massage “Stratagems of the “Scenario Destruction” in the tough negotiations”

- Business game “Fight of Interests”. Situations of the tough negotiations are simulated. General principles of victory in emotionally-provocative negotiations in the further analysis are revealed.  

- Didactical game “Motivation for Interaction”. Psycho-emotional techniques of influence the partner’s tough position training.

- Negotiation workshop “Problem Negotiation”

- Case-study “Psychological Position Destruction”. Special technology used in the situation of straight pressure towards the interlocutor.

- Workshop “General Rules of Psychological Defense”. Methods of one’s own conscience defense from pressure techniques in he business interaction.

- Workshop “Work with Aggression”. Concrete tactics of control interception in case of straight partner’s aggression (if we are not interested in the conflict development) are mastered.

- Game-simulation “Fight for Resources”.  Observation of competitive interaction effects, when there is time and resources shortage in negotiations.

- Workshop “General Rules of Negotiation Scenario Development”.  Applicative methods of negotiation scenario development are mastered. Realistic cases are analyzed.

- Workshop “Counter-Manipulative Communication”. The participants train techniques of communication with the partner, who uses manipulative interaction tactics.

- Workshop “Agent of Influence Creation”. Special technique used in the situation of oblique influence the interlocutor.

- Workshop “Revealing of Disinformation”. Training plain techniques of false information in the partner’s message revealing.

- Workshop “Hidden Pressure”. These techniques are applied when exhaustible communication with the partner is advantageous with the purpose of forcing-through one’s own position.

- Workshop “Recall”. Rules of the tough counter attack in the aggressive dialogue.


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